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Piotr KT

Liquid places, 2018-2019

All photos in Limited Edition of 9 + 2AP. Chromogenic print on photo paper under plexiglass, 50x70cm.


Images of this series are parts of a research of a personal mode of expression with intent to underline the painterly aspect of the photograph and give an abstracted vision of the place’s mood essence.
The intentional camera movement used to achieve this effect, to me, carries with it the echoing of Zygmunt Bauman’s concept of Liquid Modernity. The way that the camera move partially decompose the initial photo’s frame and emphasize the instability’s expression and transforms the photographed Place into a Non-place, made with colors and impressions.
This part of the project has started in 2017 the intentional camera movement is used to give the effect of movement.



Quo Vadis

Liquid Identities

We're all tourists...